I’m Looking for Something Special

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I have a wonderful friend that had an incredible job that offered her the opportunity to travel around the world.  She has visited every state in the United States. She’s been to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and India.  She has brought family and close friends beautiful trinkets and other memorable items from far and exotic places.  We are always so excited to see what beautiful pieces she’ll surprise us with on her return.  I’ve received key chains form Paris, shot glasses from Alaska, magnets from Ireland and scarves from India.  Each item treasured simply because she took the time and effort to think of me.

This particular friend recently decided to retire and therefore, slow down a bit on the travel and spend more time with family and friends.  I wanted to give her something special for her retirement.  But knowing that she has traveled extensively around the world and has had access to some of the most beautiful and unique items made this task a bit daunting.  So what should I get such a cultured individual for her retirement?

It would have to be something unique and beautiful just like her.  It would need to be something that would surprise and delight her just like the many beautiful gifts that she had bestowed on so many of her family and friends.

So online I go.  Giftsandwines.com offered the perfect option to gift my special friend with a curated gift specifically designed for a retirement celebration.  I found just what I was looking for and she appreciated the thought and uniqueness captured with a gift basket from giftandwines.com.